Get ready to enjoy working online

To get the most out of Sidekick, check out the video below or scroll down and follow the onboarding guide.

These features will change the way you work online

Add your most-used web apps to the Sidebar

Click on the + icon to open the Add app panel. Select the apps you access the most on any given day. Some good ideas might be your email, calendar, messengers, and project management spaces.

Get notifications with app badges.

Add your most-used apps to the Sidebar.

Your Chrome extensions work perfectly in Sidekick.

Add and manage your apps in the Launchpad.

Work faster with shortcuts

Do virtually anything in Sidekick with just a couple of keystrokes. View or configure your shortcuts from Sidekick’s Help Sidecar (Alt + H).

Switch tabs with ease

Move tabs between Sessions by simply dragging and dropping them.

Master Sessions to eliminate tab clutter

Save your open tabs as Sessions. From the Sessions Sidecar you can activate, manage, or delete your Sessions.

Group your tabs in Sessions and quickly switch between them.

Fast session switching

Open the quick-switch session dialogue instantly with the Alt + w shortcut.

Drag and drop tabs

Move tabs between Sessions by simply dragging and dropping them.

Work in multiple accounts simultaneously

With Sidekick, you can log in to several accounts at the same time — even if your favorite web app doesn’t support multi-login accounts.

Add multiple accounts so you don’t need to log in and out every time

Avoid distraction with Focus mode

Mute all notifications and set your status to unavailable so everyone knows you are deep in the zone with Sidekick.

Mute notifications and set your availability across messengers

Keep your work in sight with Split-View

Take advantage of simultaneous editing, instant replies, and crushed to-do lists. All from a single window.

Open app in the Split-View (ALT + click).

Split-View also works for tabs.

Sidekick is fast and secure by default

Sidekick protects your privacy by blocking data-grabbing ads and trackers from third parties. And we improve your overall performance by reducing memory consumption across the browser.

Protection from tracking

Sidekick protects your privacy by disabling third-party tracking and preventing cross-site activity traction.

Optimized performance

Sidekick uses AI algorithms to reduce memory and CPU consumption. And we boost your page-loading speeds thanks to our advanced-tracker blocking system.

Now that you know the basics of Sidekick,
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